NO.23 jerseys is one of jordan's trade mark

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NO.23 jerseys is one of jordan's trade mark Empty NO.23 jerseys is one of jordan's trade mark

Post  kakak200 on Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:59 am

Michael's , behind each of which has a little-known story. Want to Know Grounds that Have Uncleanness to ? Here It Is! No, 23 jersey is one of Jordan's "trade marks". The Most Beautiful Gift.No.23 jersey accompanied with Jordan through high school, University of North Carolina and most time of NBA, it has witnessed his legend journey.
From the oversea travel and decided to choose as his profession. Because this could help him know about national famous airport, hotel, and location of competition range.In the competition with Orlando Magic, due to the theft of No.23 uniform, in emergency Jordan wore the fameless No.12 uniform and scored 49 points. The "4 5" is a Michael Jordan baseball jersey and in 1995 to return to the early NBA jersey. He has since replaced this shirt without authorization by the NBA the penalty.
Fall Image of latter talent showm, Jordon was selected by Chicago Bulls ranking the third in the first round. Jordanís skill is more and more perfect, in 1987, he became the leading scorer of NBA for the first time, later, he got the honor 8 times. The All-Star game In 1987 and in 1988, he made the dunk king for his own for twice.It's written by kakak on 4.19.


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