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Post  kakak200 on Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:31 pm

Like to watch Korean TV drama of the first two days of student Ho Fang-yi said: “The Korean students in the school uniform is a suit, plaid skirts or pleated skirts , wear than sportswear to be stable, stylish, beautiful.” At present, all over the country in Primary school uniforms are almost invariably sportswear. Guangxi is the Ninth CPPCC National Committee held five meetings, some CPPCC members suggested that school uniforms should be changed to suit the style suits sportswear style. Journalists were interviewed several members of the public in Nanning, which divided by the interviewer. It is understood that, in Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other developed countries, as well as many developing countries, such as ASEAN, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries, both primary and secondary school to suit the style is mainly installed. CPPCC members Yuchang Wen said that China in some cities children CHEAP MLB jerseys, with sportswear for the design basis, monotonous style, without regard to color match, both men and women style, ignoring the differences between male and female students aesthetic orientation; with many school uniforms do not pay attention to cut, common in many children’s uniforms appeared slipped shoulder, sleeves and trousers too long or too short, too wide skirt issues such as dress code image does not look good. Nanning, a people named Liu said, according to city economic development and create the need for external image of Nanning, Nanning, primary and secondary school uniforms to change the style should also align with international cities. S Performance in the CPPCC National Committee members also believe that correct clothes, dress code, both subtle influence on children’s moral upbringing, but also shows China, Guangxi and opening up a new image of civilization, so that primary and secondary schools to become a beautiful scene of the street and spread of civilization messenger . And uniform style changes, cost of suit is not installed higher than the number .It's written by kakak on 4.17


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