The style of Air Jordan X1 Obama

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The style of Air Jordan X1 Obama Empty The style of Air Jordan X1 Obama

Post  kakak200 on Tue May 04, 2010 8:36 pm

The Air Jordan is a branch of the , because the part design of the shoes is made endorsed by Michael Jordan, so it has several name such as air Jordan. The shoes keep release from 1984 to today, although Michael Jordan has retired. The air Jordan XL was actually designed by using the theory of the high end mountaineering backpacks by Tinker Hatfield. The usage of the condura nylon makes the shoes more durable and the carbon fibred plate on the sole becomes the model for other shoes makers to follow.
To memorize the historic event, that the first African American presidentís democratic nominee Barrack Obama win, the Xl came up with Obamaís style.
Because the Obama campaigns, the Air Jordan Xl sales very well, and it causes that all the people all over the world are crazy to wear the clothing with printing the Obamaís head. Thatís the Obamaís function.
Political differences do not affect the peoples buy the shoes which have Obamaís logo, and this style changing not only brings great profits, but also reinforces the relationship between the first world and the third world. The has more history than any other brands; it puts the spiritual aboriginal elements into the design, and well balances with the modern.
Combining the commerce with the authenticity, manipulation, identity, abuse and the power of symbols and objects is the idea of Jordanís design. Moreover, it is accepted by all the people including the artists who common on a lot. Because Jordans use what the people have already known without any obscuring. It uses the elements of design, praise from others to convey message.It's written by kakak on 5.5.


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