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Our server updates ! Empty Our server updates !

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 29, 2008 5:05 am

V. 5.1 Beta
Sharenian Guild Quest (credits: Lerk)
Papulatus/Zakum doors
White Scrolls

V. 5.2 Beta
Beholder buff
BigBang/MonsterMagnet fix
Maple TV removed
Fake bosses/Cakes removed
Scroll seller
Showa town salon
AutoBan removed
Cody job changer
Duey maxes skill
Fame Npc (Coco)
Shadow Claw
Echo of Hero

V. 5.3 Beta
Maple Messenger
MTS warps you to FM
Summoning bags
Item drop restriction
VIP teleport rocks
Anti Multileveling
Max AP 30000
V. 5.4 Beta

Cash Shop
V. 5.5 Beta

Fixed Character creation
Added lots of commands
!song changed to !music
V. 5.6 Beta

Report System
Star Mastery fix
Ludi Pq
Kerning Pq fix
!say <text>
Added custom NPC (Henesys)

V. 5.7 Beta
Multi leveling added back
NPC Animation
Map chairs
FM boss warper
Note: 2x Exp card was added since V.5.5,
be aware of that.

V. 5.8 Beta
Ranger rollbacks fixed (thanks to JavaWizard)
Map chairs removed (bugged)
GM white chat
Guild BBS enabled

V. 5.9 Beta
Horntail Death animation
Honorable Rock [for Guild Quest Rankings]
Adding custom quest
Sharenian GQ reactors
LudiPq yellow pass drops
Fixing droprate issues
Mair chairs fixed

All skills are workings Very Happy
At lv 200 , you can reborn and become lv1 adding your stats again Very Happy


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