How to purchase Cash Items/ lvl 110 weapons

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How to purchase Cash Items/ lvl 110 weapons

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 29, 2008 4:45 am

Interested or wonder how some people have cash items in game?
WOW you're at the right place !

Donation Benefits:
>No lags !
>More stable

How to pay?
* Bank Transfer
* Paypal
* Meet-up (Min. 10SGD)

Next, How to purchase Cash Items/ Level 110 Weapons?
Note: Cash Item WILL be forever!Dont worry , if you get roll back or anything.GM's will help you get it all back.So stay still and relax Very Happy

Level 110 Weapons = Each cost 4SGD
Any Cash Item = 3.50SGD
Non Cash Item = 3SGD
1 10% Scroll= 2SGD

Pay by:
Bank Transfer
Meet Up

For more info . PM GM's in our game . Thanks !


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