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Rules for FTWms Empty Rules for FTWms

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 29, 2008 4:36 am


Please take note !

1.Kssing are not allowed in this server . You would want to ask the person to share the map .
2.All boss monsters are FFA ( Free for all ) E.g Anego,Black Crow,Griffy ....
3.Vulgar are not allowed in game .
4.If you want to settle a problem , go to a room in FM and settle it instead of mega-ing .

Take Note

GM's are not your warpers .
GM's may be busy , so you got to wait awhile .
GM's dont help you solve problems . ( Except game problems )

Need help or have something to ask ?
Feel free to PM the GM's are leave a message here ! Laughing


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