Guide , to download , how to play and connect

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Guide , to download , how to play and connect

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 29, 2008 4:30 am

1. Download MapleGlobal Client V55 . Thats what we are using now .
2. Download FTWms CLEAN localhost.exe and load.bat . (
3. Register an account at
4. Install MapleGlobal
5. Extract FTWms client into installed directory ( C:/Nexon/Maplestory )
6. Double Click Load.bat , start playing.

If Load bat cant connect edit it by click it.
1.Right click on load.bat
2.Press edit
3.Clear all and type in start start localhost.exe 8484
4.Save and click it again

If you are still having problems , it means that you are using another Version .


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